Discover how Holaba enriches your data.

Rate your own car and see how it works.

For each brand to which you give a score
(in between 0 and 10) you also indicate the experience you have and your purchase intentions.

That's all

Start Scoring Your Car

Do you recommend your car...
.....or don't you?

Win a Holaba- test account

Win a Holaba- test account that gives you the right to enrich for free 1000 of your customers.

If you want to know how Holaba enriches the data of your customers, try it out by rating your car.

Click on this link and do what we ask you to do. There's nothing dangerous in it.

Only try to give honest answers : don't tell us you recommend your car when you don't or vice versa.

When you finished it all you will receive an e-mail (please Reply) to thank you for your participation. Later we will ask you for which company you work. In your reply please indicate whether you want to win a test account that gives you the right to enrich for free 1000 of your customers. Or whether you want to talk first.

What you can do when you are 1 of the 5 winners.

These are the 6 steps to follow

  1. You send a recommendation index survey to some 10.000 - 15.000 clients. You can do that before X-mas.
  2. You invite them like we invite you now to give a score on your brand and some of your competitor's brands.
  3. All the data will go back to you and you can instantly enrich what you have.
  4. You have indeed done a NPS-survey on a randomly selected sample of your clients
  5. At the same time you have very valuable benchmarking details.
  6. When you finished your scoring session, read the book on The Recommender Revolution written by Jan Van den Bergh (Founder Holaba / @holaba)

How to Recommend/Not Recommend Your Car

It takes only 4 clicks to score your car, here's how.

  1. Find Your Car's Logo - you can use the "next' and "previous" side buttons to find more car brands
  2. Click the logo of the car brand you're currently driving.
    Give a score to your car brand. On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely is it you would recommend your car brand to someone else.
  3. Continue to score at least 4 other car brands. For example, choose cars you used to drive or cars you like to drive.
  4. Register and win not only a chance to a coupon but ... also get a chance to enrich the data of 1000 of your customers

Start Scoring Your Car

Do you recommend your car... or don't you?

About The Author

In the book Jan Van den Bergh describes the fundamentals of what he calls the Recommender Revolution. It is not a « How To » book. That’s for later. It’s a « Why » book. Why are these brand influencers so important that they deserve to be the heroes of a book ? Because - according to McKinsey - these brand recommenders directly influence 20-50 percent of all purchase decisions.

After a 30 yr career in the Belgian advertising market as creative director, ceo and co-founder he left for China to built the 1st version of Holaba. That 1st platform in 2009 was already based on The One Question of Mr Reichheld. While writing a while later (2012) this book he became aware of the growing interest of the European market in the Net Promoter Score.That’s when his Dutch partner - Gemme van Hasselt- and he decided to rebuild completely the Chinese platform for the European market. You can buy the book online at and Also the e-book-version.

Start Scoring Your Car

Do you recommend your car... or don't you?

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