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Big Data not Big enough.

Big Data too Big
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Holaba and NPS
The “One Question” Holaba uses was launched in 2003 by Mr. Reichheld (ex-Bain). His Net Promoter System is adopted by many blue chip companies.
Holaba continuously asks the same question on a public platform where +100 surveys are open to the public. We gather not only the scores and reviews of your customers, but also of past and potential customers to reflect the real balance of (recommendation) power in the market.
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Who is who?

Jan Van den Bergh also wrote a book about the phenomenon of brand recommenders:

“The Recommender Revolution”. 

The English version can be ordered at Amazon, Itunes (iBook) and E-boek (Eboek)

The Dutch version can be ordered at Lannoo and Itunes (iBook)